Credit Card Processing

It is in the best interest of good business growth for all new potential customers to taste our products. The easiest sell in the world is a taste! Once over the lips… straight into the mind. Our Trail Mixes sell themselves; they are hard to stop eating once you find the ones that are your favorite.

At shows, people cannot get enough of them! When we started the Dark Chocolate Original and Adobe Heat, people went wild. They came back four and five times to sample the new mixes. They brought friends and exclaimed to all who would listen how great these products are.

Our sample policy is very simple. We want sufficient samples issued to give potential distributer customers a taste of our products. We want present customers to have the opportunity to taste any of the products they have not had a chance to try. Size of the sample containers is important to give a sufficient sample, but not be wasteful. It is not an issue of being cheap with samples. It is an issue of not wasting an opportunity or abusing a privilege. We want our Brokers to have some samples on hand for customers. The Trail Mixes are a great opener sale. We will send samples for special showings and shows to our Brokers.

Since some of the major vendors are not adding a surcharge onto the cost of the sample if taken from their inventory, we will not allow sales personnel to withdraw samples out of stock. They need to plan far enough in advance for us to send them or for our Brokers to get them. We do not want to send samples direct to customers, as it is the job of the salesperson to represent our products. Our Brokers should have a fair shot at the business. If a sales person is not experienced in our lines, then the samples value is diminished. We want the samples to be our calling card for quality. If the person showing them knows nothing about the product, the opportunity is gone.

For large showings or presentations, we want a Broker at the presentation. Training customers in our product lines is a part of the sales.

Sample requests are to be made by faxing a list to us using one of our sample request forms. We will send out the samples within a couple of days after receiving the sample request. Call our sales department if you need them in a hurry. We will not overnight samples. Regular service takes about a week, so if possible plan ahead. Samples are not sent to individual consumers.