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Our ready to display half pallets come in two configurations, the half pallet with 12, 16 or 20 cases of product. Our exclusive display box design allows for side stacks, waterfalls or secondary displays complimenting the main pallet. As product is sold sections can be removed gradually reducing the footprint of the pallet while maintaining product visibility. In addition to the half pallet program we also offer full pallets, on a standard 40X48 inch pallet, of 35 cases.

Pallets can be configured with our 9oz resealable program, our 20oz resealable program or our 3LB lay down bag program. Having a variety of packaging types available increases the customizability for our customers with menu and packaging.

  • Pallets are 'Display Ready' when they arrive at your store.
  • High impact packaging creates traffic and draws customers to display.
  • Product visibility creates appeal for the customers. 
  • Large item selection for multiple sales.
  • Multiple options for configuration of Pallets allows for maximum customizability based on customer mix and demographics.

Items Available in Pallet configuration:

Western Trail Mix

  • Adobe Heat
  • Cran/Apple/Raisin
  • Fiesta Mix
  • Island Crunch
  • Original
  • Original-Dark Chocolate
  • Rice Crackers & Nuts
  • Tropical Fruit w/ Nuts

Powers Snack Time

  • Royal Mixed Nuts
  • Whole Cashews


In addition to our large selection of stand up 20 oz Western Trail mix bags, we also offer three-pound lay down bags in both the half and full pallet configurations. These three-pound bags contain mixes from our 'value line' and include items like:

  • Pioneer Mix
  • Cherry Creek
  • Bandito
  • Caribbean Crunch
  • Tropical Mix