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westerntrailmixsmall.png Western Trail Mix, the original high energy snack mix
Powers Snack Time, the perfect compliment to the Western Trail mix line, Powers Snack Time provides everything from Wasabi Peas to Sunflower Kernels and everything in between! powerssnacktimesmall.png


Market Fresh line of high quality low cost snacks, featuring dried fruits, nuts and snack mixes!
Our large quantity program developed for use in food service industry. Our program features the highest quality nuts and ingredient available along with industry leading resealable bags which provide superior product protection from oxygen, moisture and light. Our packaging is 'gusseted' which allows it to stand on a shelf independently. powers-fine-foods-logo1.png
quikdipmilk.png Qwik Dip is a Chocolate Flavored melting wafer line of candy products that are available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate flavors. Qwik Dip melts quickly and evenly to provide an easy and tasty home candy making experience.