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Bandito Snack Mix


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Pretzels, redskin peanuts, sesame sticks and a spicy seasoning make this a must have for parties and other occassions!

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  1. Just right spice snack mix

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2016

    Had this snack mix at the local bar. We really enjoyed it and found out from the bar manager what brand it was and now we order it.

  2. Great Snack Mix

    Posted by Mark on 9th Apr 2014

    Very addictive, perfect blend of spice and crunch. Overall great product!

  3. Great Product

    Posted by Larry D. LaFlam Sr. on 8th Aug 2013

    This stuff is addictive with a great taste, not too hot or spicy, but with just the right zing to keep you reaching for more. Great with a beer at the end of the day!!

  4. A great treat!.

    Posted by Bob Marson on 19th Dec 2012

    We always enjoyed it at the bar we go to at Lincoln City, OR. I asked to see the bag and wrote the info down and have been ordering it ever since. This mix for us is mild and tasty.

  5. Best snack mix ever!

    Posted by R. Welker on 19th Dec 2012

    I first discovered the Bandito Snack Mix at a hotel while travelling out in Portland, OR. I was so impressed with the mix that documented the website and immediately ordered 5 bags when I returned home. I have since ordered another shipment which was delivered fast. Love this stuff.

  6. Party perfect!!

    Posted by Jerilyn Familetto on 28th Oct 2012

    I was introduced to this product, as well as the toasted corn, while visiting Spokane recently. Loved it so much that simply had to order two packages of this, as well as ten packages of the toasted corn packages sent to Boston so that I might share this treat with family members as table gifts at Thanksgiving! Freat tasting products!

  7. Hits the spot!!!

    Posted by David Thompson on 16th Jul 2012

    Ate this mix at a bar. Went behind the bar wrote down the package lable and tracked it down online! Good Stuff

  8. So good

    Posted by Julie on 14th Jun 2012

    We love this product, Have had it when visiting in Oregon but didnt know where to purchase it. Finally asked who the vendor was. Low and Behold, close to home, in Spokane Wa.

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